The BackgroundEdit

Years ago, on the planet we call Earth, the country of Argentina rose up to become the most powerful country the world had ever seen... the day they became a superpower was the day the Earth was doomed. After a bloody war between Argentina and the United States resulting in the obliteration of Earth, groups of scientists, government officials and high-ranking officers of the military were left stationed in secret underground bunkers, were safe from the nuclear fire of the apocalypse. Before the war had even started, groups of geniuses had been working on the science of portals and other dimensions. A day before the nuclear attack, they had created a mysterious portal to "A New World". They dangerously ventured into the strange new galaxy, the place they call 'Dimension Z', a land inhabited by strange new friendly, humanoid, alien species, the sort that no one had ever seen before. As the years went by the humans helped the simple aliens to build their communities and colonize the planets within Dimension Z. Soon the planets were thriving, with some even having high rise cities and extensive populations. Later on, new dimensions were discovered. Notably the familiar 'Jane Galaxy', with a planet that had a lush, green, water-based planet suitable for humans all around. As the new dimensions developed, corruption and tension was bound to occur. An elite force of fighters that were previously marines from Earth, were formed to aid the police in fighting crime around the Jane Galaxy as well as Dimension Z, thus creating the infamous Clown Force. Easily recognized by their three-spiked combat helmets, they would go down in history as the peacekeepers of the dimension. As time went on, new recruits joined. The cycle continued and the Clown Force were still active years later. The groups went on many, many missions and tasks to fight evil and restore peace to the galaxy. This wiki is a complete account of every individual, location, period of time and all the rest regarding the Clown Force and their associates and even their enemies and foes.

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